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Makeroid allows you to create Android apps easily with a blocks-type editor. No coding skills required. With the Material Design UI, your apps will stand out. We always listen to our users' opinions from our community (your suggestions, bug reports etc.).

Useful Links

This is the page you're going to use to build apps. This is main app that allows you to create anything you want with a Material Design UI.

Using the community, you can get help related to your questions about Makeroid. Even submit your ideas to help improve Makeroid or even report bugs you've experienced during your app development session. Community has so many users that help you, this means you will get a proper answer to any question of yours in minutes.

Using the Status Page you can check which services' of Makeroid is working or in Maintenance. If you cannot use a service of Makeroid, you can check using this page if the problem is related to your local internet or the Makeroid Server.

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